Threshold:  the brink between reality and imagination.

Welcome to a place where the senses blend to create a world dominated by music and transformed into fashion. Threshold takes musicians, genres, and songs and strives to create visual images of these musical inspirations. Everyone with an active imagination is welcome to explore a world far from reality. The ultimate question is: do you dare cross over?

Welcome, readers, to the first official post of Threshold. Threshold is a clothing company that we are launching not from a basement, but a kitchen. From our humble apartment we take music and transform it into visual art: a world that is completely dependent on the musicians and their instruments. Relying upon music, Threshold will push, dare, and transform the visitor. By drawing inspirations from literature, films, history, people, and art and transforming it into a visual wardrobe, we want to inform the visitor and push them to question what they see and reinvent using their imaginations. Imagination has no boundaries, and in the world of Threshold, boundaries are non-existent.