Hello Threshold- Cross Over Readers!
Due to the monsterous flu that finally took down one of the Evil Twins at Threshold, the blog was at a standstill last week. But now we’re back and more energized than ever!

Welcome to Week 2! With this gloomy, gray, frozen January/February weather we’ve been having, Threshold- Cross Over has the Submarine Soundtrack on repeat this week. One song in particular has captured our attention: Stuck on a Puzzle. Quite the jump from System of a Down but we try our hardest to ensure variety and excitement. You can find the entire Submarine soundtrack on youtube so give it a listen. The soft and cozy tunes will make you want to hide deeper under your duvet. Hhhmmmm… we’re already getting pumped up for the visual inspirations we’ll share with you on Wednesday. But, for now here it is: Stuck on a Puzzle by Alex Turner for the Submarine Soundtrack

“I’m not the kind of fool
Who’s gonna sit and sing to you,
about stars, girl.
But last night I looked up into
the dark half of the blue,
and they’d gone backwards”

Thanks for reading!