GOOOOOOOD MOOOORNING Threshold Cross Over Readers! Hope you all enjoyed watching and re-watching the video posted on Monday. We probably re-watched it about a dozen times and can’t get over that dress! Imagine walking out into the bright sunlight with that thing on… You’d cause car accidents within a 10 mile radius you’d be radiating so much light. The one OBVIOUS thing that stood out to us when listening to the song is how glamorous it is. Diamonds? Glittering? Champagne? Bubbling? All we can think about is swimming in a pool filled with diamonds and champagne. Goodness… every girl’s dream come true and Cartier’s nightmare. And so to celebrate our new obsession with the radiating stone, we pulled inspirations from Elizabeth Taylor, Coco Chanel, Marilyn Monroe, Holly Golightly, and anything else over extravagant and over-lustrous. Enjoy!



Thanks for reading!