Happy February Friday Threshold Cross Over Readers! To end the week we have a scenario to put to you to help our readers visualize themselves in such over-extravagant dresses. Let’s say you have a crazy glamorous red carpet event you HAVE to go to; as we all do once in our life time. Okay, so maybe not a RED CARPET event but use your imagination. Perhaps it’s a charity event, ball, or a millionaire’s birthday. Every girl is going to want to outdo all the others; stand out. But you see, every girl will probably try to make an entrance in a black silk dress. Funny how unimaginative we women can be sometimes. How would you stand out in a crowd and get that millionaires attention? By wearing an outfit you saw on the Threshold Cross Over runway of course! Imagine: entering into a room, taking off that white fur coat, and standing front and center in that glittering, slinky, floor length gown while waiters run to your service with champagne, millionaires’ jaws drop, and women’s death glares critique every inch of you wondering “WHO IS THAT? WHAT IS SHE WEARING? WHY didn’t I think of that and WHERE did she get that?!”
“The Bora Bora trip is for two; I would love it if you would accompany me Mademoiselle, when I win the bid.” says a middle-aged millionaire, handing you a glass of champagne.

“Sir, you forget that I have not put my bid down yet and, given my experiences, I have never been out-bid. After all, I bought these diamonds myself you know” you answer, flashing a pearly white smile, pointing to your diamond necklace, turning around, and strutting your stuff to the nearest table of desserts.

Source: bing.com via Vera Bera on Pinterest

Diamonds Are Forever by Shirley Bassey

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