Happy Monday Threshold Cross Over readers!
Mondays? Happy? Mmmmmm… not unless you have great music to wake up to. That's when you come see what's new on the Threshold Cross Over blog duh! Yesterday, we evil twins were bombarded with invitations to go watch the new season of Walking Dead. The Yang of the evil twins is very gung-ho about watching zombie movies. She gets very excited about new Resident Evil movies, Zombie theme parks, etc etc. The Yin of the evil twins, your writer for this week, is not keen on watching dead people walking around attacking living people. Yes, let's just add another fear factor when walking down a creepy alleyway on a cold winter's night. NO THANK YOU. To each his own I say BUT, as a symbolic gesture for all of you who like to watch the flesh-eating dead things walking around, here is our inspirational song of the week: Hexes by Bassnectar from the Resident Evil 5: Retribution soundtrack.The only way THIS evil twin would go out and fight in the Zombie Apocalypse would be if she was provided with the most bad-ass clothes (or she had to get food). So for the next week, I will be dreaming up my 'Zombie fighting' outfits and preparing for/researching… Zombies. Nightmares here I come! Enjoy!

“You, you surprised me with a kiss
Underneath the crashing waves
You revived me with your tears
Then release your hexes
Right back where you began”

Thanks for reading!