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To brighten up our day and distract ourselves from the potential storm expected, we’ve been researching what it means to be a Bond Girl. We have stumbled upon a few ‘how to look like a Bond Girl’ but we’re more interested in what s a Bond Girl is made of; death aside of course. The following clip gives us a history of what makes up the ultimate Bond Girl while the wikihow give you a step by step process on how to become a Bond Girl. Although Bond Girls always seem have an untimely death, we believe in the ever powerful Bond Girl.  Argue what you will, nothing is more commanding than a woman who can mentally and physically keep up a MI6 agent. After all, as the most recent James Bond says: “It takes a certain type of woman to wear a backless dress with a baretta strapped to her thigh.”


WikiHow: How to Be a Bond Girl

1.Watch some old Bond films. Yes, we know they are both bogus and misogynistic at times. But these ladies can give you a few pointers. Take notes if you feel so compelled.

Try to maintain an aura of low maintenance. Did Ursula Andress balk at the idea of not being perfectly groomed at all times? She certainly did not. She improvised. Bond is not interested in waiting on you to “put on your face” or get all primped.

Stand on your own two feet. Bond girls are not clingy. So don’t be. Clinginess is just another sign of insecurity. Work the confidence, and the clinging will fade. This means do not analyze phone calls, IM’s, dates, etc. And by all means, DO NOT chase after him. Not only will it repel him, it also makes you look lame. Note how in the Bond movies the girls are always either slightly disinterested (or pretend to be)or hate James’ guts. Either way, it fuels the chase.

Note that Bond girls are attractive. Enhancing features subtly with a bit of makeup (operative word here is a bit because otherwise you’ll look high-maintenance, a no-no) and making your hair look nice goes a long way. Goes for fashion too. Something pretty but not too Lula Mae. Something non-fussy and non-frilly which can draw attention to one figure asset (but not more than that or you’ll look cheap, which is not a Bond girl feature (most of the time)), preferably in a neutral color. For instance, if you wear a cute black dress, it can show your legs off, but not your um, neckline, at the same time.

Get fit. Bond girls are sporty gals. It goes without saying that you should work yourself into shape. Kickboxing, Pilates, karate, nunchucking, and yoga are all good options.

Be brave. Bond girls show no fear. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Obviously, swimming in shark tanks is a tad risky. But start by trying that new restaurant you’d never normally set foot in because you like routine over risk. And if you must, swim with sharks, but only with a supervisor.

Be cool. Bond girls have attitude. They can kick their male counterpart’s butt if necessary. They know themselves and are confident.

Be unavailable. Bond girls are not needy little doormats who are always available. It will make you look desperate. The harder you are to get, the better. But don’t be a snotty snob. Find that balance of aloofness and potential interest.

Speak clearly and in an interesting way. Bond girls have cool accents. Russian, British, even Pig Latin. Even better: speak many languages.

Be classy. Bond girls are sophisticates. Show class and restraint. Be cultured and educated. If you don’t know how to set your knife and fork on the plate when you’re finished eating then you’re in trouble!

Have other options in mind. Bond girls do not put all their eggs in one basket, so to speak. Always have backup options in case you need a date. Plus, it will make it more of a challenge for James.

Intelligence is a must. Become an expert in something, e.g. exotic biology, underwater mining, maintaining helicopters, …

Be well traveled. This relates to intelligence and languages (above). It also ensures that you are aware of the world and not just your own little corner of it. If you find yourself thinking, “why would I go anywhere else? Things are best here!” then you’re doomed. Have you been to Eastern Europe? South Asia? Northern Africa? South America? …

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