Bonjour Threshold Cross Over Readers!
See! We took the advice of the WikiHow and we’ve begun learning a foreign language to impress Mr. Bond. Next time we write, we’ll probably have taken up ‘swimming with sharks’ or perhaps skydiving; whichever danger we feel most inclined to experience that day. As for right now, we’re trying to picture what it would be like to have the sky literally falling versus us falling from the sky ;). The sky falling can only mean danger and darkness: a tempest, raining fire, a black abyss? We see ‘skyfall’ as a raging fire igniting the sky. It burns so brightly that it lights up the black sky, illuminating it in an orange yellow glow. After all, doesn’t a Bond Girl ignite the world of James Bond when she steps onto the screen? Whenever a Bond Girl steps onto the screen she lights up the world of the dark mysterious Bond. Enjoy the visual inspirations for a Skyfall Girl!

James Bond’s House is On Fire! Isn’t There a Gadget for That?

on fire

Deconstructing James Bond

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