“This is the End” Threshold Cross Over Readers. Today we unveil our very own Skyfall Bond Girl! We had so much fun doing our research for this week. Unfortunately we couldn’t find a specific outfit to let down the Threshold Cross Over Runway but this is where we let your imaginations run wild. Simply mix the photos we present to you into one glorious gown and VOILA… the ULTIMATE Threshold Bond Girl. Now we put to you the scenario we have invisioned:

007 is standing at the bar of some exclusive hotel (somewhere glamorous in the world obviously) waiting for his ‘shaken not stirred’ martini. As he is handed to the drink, which he does not know is poisoned, he looks up. Across the bar he sees a figure of long dark curling hair and an exposed back. As this back turns his eyes lock with the steel blue eyes of a woman. Her eyes and dress shimmer as if on fire. The dress hugs every curve on her body as the creature begins to slink slowly towards him. The creature reaches him, takes his hand and says, with her red-stained lips, “You must be Mr. Bond.”

007 looks straight into her eyes and says “Yes. Bond. James Bond.”

“I’m DYING for a drink,” says the woman.

“Two martinis, shaken not stirred,” 007 commands, completely disregarding the poisoned martini in front of him

Congratulations Bond Girl! You just saved the world’s most powerful MI6 agent from death.


Source: fanpop.com via Vera Bera on Pinterest

Source: chiq.com via Vera Bera on Pinterest


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