On Wednesday we left our Threshold Cross Over readers with a mysterious dinner hall in a dark castle. How does the story continue?

 As you wait at the entrance of the dining room, admiring the enigmatic decorations on the walls, a strong hand grips your bare shoulders. As you turn around you see the face of a man, with long blond hair, smiling at you secretively. He gestures to the dark purple velvet chair, the color of your backless silk dress, at one end of the long dining room table. As you walk to the chair your silver skull-charm chain, dangling from your waist, swings from side to side. The man pulls the chair out for you to sit and you allow your killer black heels to peak out from under your dress. He then takes his place at the other end of the table, still smiling at you, as your dinner appears. You take a sip of wine from the crystal chalice in front of you and you smile as the dark green emerald of your cocktail ring glimmers in the candlelight.

“A new purchase?” the man asks, in a seductively deep voice.

“A parting death gift,” you whisper, mystically.


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