Welcome back Threshold Cross Over readers!

The Evil Twins are back from paradise and ready to roll harder and better than before. A great musical event was announced a few days ago and we practically died when we found out: The Rolling Stones are doing a 50th Anniversary Tour! By some great hiccup that we’re blaming on that b***h, Karma, neither of the twins were able to acquire tickets. We are in the depths of despair. In order to distract ourselves to keep us from wallowing in true ‘Stones Style’, we are switching things up a bit for the next two weeks. We will be posting Rolling Stones videos all week to give you Threshold Cross Over readers a little background history on the greatest Rock N’ Roll band ever to exist. This will all be in preparation for next week when we let the Rolling Stones Fashion inspirations down our runway! Happy exploring everyone and Enjoy!

Thanks for Reading xxx