Some people hear their own inner voices with great clearness. And they live by what they hear. Such people become crazy… or they become legend.”
Jim Harrison

Rockstars? Duh. Living legends? Certainly. But what made the group of 5 boys from England become the legends of The Rolling Stones that everyone talks about 50 years later? Their music, without a doubt, created their image and popularity while making a huge impression on musical history. But it was the enigmatic personalities of The Rolling Stones members that created the legends we drool over, gasp in awe, and respect today. What would The Rolling Stones be without the playboy image of Mick Jagger, the drug-fueled stories of Keith Richards, the quiet and stoic-like character of Charlie Watts, and the ever changing position of the bassists?
What would we think of these men without the end of the century fairytales, myths, and rumors that still exist today (no matter how many times Richards or Jagger have tried to set the records straight). Today, Threshold Cross Over readers, we focus on two particular myths that catapulted The Rolling Stones into the legendary rock n’ roll band they are today: Redlands and Nellcote. Don’t know what they are? Keep reading and you’ll find out. Enjoy!


February, 1967, Keith Richard’s Redlands Estate in Sussex. What happened? The police busted down the door of the Redlands Estate on the 12th of February after they received an anonymous tip of a drug fueled party going down at the house.

 The Hosts: the infamous and dangerous band members of the Rolling Stones and their crazy friends and groupies.

As the police began to search the premises they found piles of marijuana, heroin, and cocaine, heavily drugged individuals, and a naked woman upstairs, surrounded by eight men, wrapped in a fur rug, and…a Mars bar.

Jagger and guitarist Richards were taken straight to prison and put on trail and were found guilty.

Jagger was sentenced to three months in prison for possession of four amphetamine pills, and Richards was sentenced to 12 months in prison for allowing his home to be used for smoking marijuana. They ended up NOT fulfilling these sentences.

Wow… so much for the piles of drugs the media reported the police had found when they broke into the Redlands Estate. In reality, Keith Richards, flying high on LSD, invited the policemen, which in his state he described as identically dressed dwarves, into the house when they knocked on the door. What a good host! There was no need for busting doors down. As for the drugs? Shared marijuana and amphetamine pills that actually belonged to the naked woman wrapped in fur: Ms Marianne Faithful; otherwise known as Mick Jagger’s girlfriend.

The Redlands Estate party of 1967 catapulted he Rolling Stones to super-rockstar bad-boys status. Drugs, sex, and fur rugs… are they not the essence of what makes up rock n’ roll today?
Redlands Estate 1967:

Source: via Vera Bera on Pinterest

What would another Rolling Stones myth be without another house? In 1971, the Rolling Stones were forced into exile due to tax issues back in Britain. Destination: Nellcôte Villa in Southern France rented by… Keith Richards of course. One of the most notorious party houses in Rock n’ Roll history, this house was rumored to have been used as former Gestapo headquarters in World War II:

“Nellcôte has acquired something almost beyond mythical status in the catacombs of rock & roll history. It’s alternately been described as a land of “opiate opulence”, ‘decadent privilege’, ‘outlaw pleasures’ and a ‘former Gestapo headquarters’. A 2010 documentary, Stones in Exile, was erected as a nostalgia-toned totem to its sun-drenched glamour.”


It became the house the Rolling Stones used to record their famous and most admired album Exile on Main Street. Recording sessions took place in the mazes that were the cellars of the mansion, with each band member in a different room. When the boys weren’t recording, they were hosting friends, girlfriends, running around with their children, flitting off to Paris, or taking wild rides in expensive cars down the winding highways. Movie stars, novelists, musicians, groupies, drug dealers; everyone made it through the doors of the 16-bedroom French estate.
Check out the incredible photos snapped at the Nellcôte Villa; it simply oozes decadent rock n’ roll glamour. With rooms and gardens like that who, in exile, would be able to resist a party once in a while. We can assure you, the Evil Twins would have a house-warming party even the Rolling Stones would be jealous of.

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