This weekend we stumbled upon the movie A Good Year and we are completely enraptured by the movie and especially the soundtrack! Russell Crowe hits the spot and makes us swoon while Marion Cotillard makes us terribly jealous we aren’t living and working somewhere in the French Provance. Warm, happy, and light our favorite song from the soundtrack: J’attendrai by Jean Sablon, popular during the inter-war period in Europe. This calm, sweet song captures the essence of the “lavande” and “vignoble” that color the French landscape.

 Ironically enough, we found out that Keira Knightley, one of Threshold Cross Over’s favorite actresses, got married in the South of France this weekend! Check out the gorgeous Keira and James here:

So, naturally, our imagination is taking us from Wonderland to France. Prepare the cheese board, grab a bottle of wine, put on that sun hat, and find a place to lounge outside while Jean Sablon serenades you in the background. Enjoy Threshold Cross Over readers!

“Le temps passe et court
En battant tristement
Dans mon cœur si lourd
Et pourtant, j’attendrai
Ton retour
Et pourtant, j’attendrai
Ton retour”

Thanks for reading! xxx