Good Morning Threshold Cross Over readers! The Evil Twins simply cannot get the tropics out of our heads and the more we think about a tropical island bonfire party with gypsies, the more tempted we are to simply buy a ticket and go. We shall try to restrain ourselves if only to keep these posts going for you dedicated readers 🙂

While doing some research for this weeks posts we discovered the art of belly-dancing and with it this hyper-talented belly-dancer that took our breath away: Alla Kushnir. We fell head over heels and haven’t been able to stop watching videos of these incredible dancers. Terribly jealous of anyone who can actually shimmy and shake like that. 

Can you imagine the gypsy dancers vigorously shimmy-ing around the bonfire while the band plays? Hear the bangles and bells strapped to their waists and ankles, with colorful fabric fluttering with each twirl. We hope you enjoy the videos! Stay tuned for more visuals coming up this week followed by the big finale.

Thanks for reading!