The Rolling Stones are rolling into the vicinity of Wonderland soon and we are SO ready! We need all your help Threshold Cross Over Readers to summon Keith Richards into our presence, so start using those cosmic forces you know you have in you. As for right now, we are oooooozing inspiration from yet another Rolling Stones song: Angie. This particular song, written by Keith Richards while in rehab in Switzerland, is the picture perfect melody for a lazy spring day. Depressing as the lyrics may be, the tune gets us instantly. Think of a large open field with nothing but trees and tall grass. Add Mick Jagger serenading you on the side and Keith picking at the guitar and you’ve got yourself a perfect scene in Wonderland. Enjoy and keep thinking “Keith Richards”!

“Let me whisper in your ear/ Angie/ Angie/ Where will it lead us from here”

Thanks for reading!